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Restoring the ballance of power


We are an independent, politically unaffiliated entity, unifying the taxpayer for the taxpayer’s interest.

We educate the public on tax-related matters and protect the rights of the taxpayer against abuse. We are a watchdog on state spending of taxpayer funds.


Envisioning a prosperous, corruption-free society;

We address the abuse of taxpayers funds by the state. We, the people, neglected this for too long! Up until now, no single entity had the mandate to address taxpayers issues with the state. This status quo and the lack of Locus Standi to challenge these abuses is a void we must urgently fill. Thus, the Taxpayer’s Union of South Africa was found.


As per Hobbes’ political philosophy, a social contract exists between the citizens of this country and those democratically elected into power. Incidental to this agreement, is that the elected government gains an almost unfettered mandate to do with taxpayer’s funds as they please. In South Africa, this “mandate” has paved the way to state corruption and the erosion of the moral fibre we should expect from those managing another’s affairs.

Excluding value-added tax, only a small percentage of South Africans are taxpayers. We, the tiny minority, the taxpayers, are massively underrepresented within the contractual balance of power. We are caught in the middle of a breached social contract., which has been detrimental to the very economy we are the pillars of and the country we are funding into oblivion.

Us, the taxpayer’s forced meekness, coupled with the imbalance of power to negotiate the contract of which ae are a party, has proven disastrous.

The Taxpayers Union of South Africa is a breath of fresh air we long craved for, within our corrupted society.

By Uniting the taxpayer, we restore the balance of power from the State to the Taxpayer.

We stand as one independent watchdog, mandated by the public who will champion those burdened with the country’s economic survival despite much abuse by those who plunder in the name of the rule.

United within the Taxpayers’ Union of South Africa, we, the people, have the power to discipline the State to stop corruption and mismanagement of our money by people who were put in charge of it, against most of us’ will.  

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